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Local Lawns Gear Up For Fall Growth

Fall September 23, 2015.

Autumnal Equinox.

Today the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere get the same amount of sunlight.

The only difference is here in New Jersey, our days start to get shorter.

If you received a copy our 2015 lawn care report, you already know about lawns in the fall.

Cool Season Grasses Thrive In The Fall

Where we live we have cool season grasses.

Cool season grasses grow best in the spring and the fall.

We recommend aerating your lawn in the fall to make room for extra growth. If you have damaged grass from the heat of the summer, the fall is the best time to seed damaged areas.

seed around patio

Proper care for your lawn during the fall season will allow roots to grow stronger and your lawn to be healthier in preparation for winter.

Summer Landscaping Ideas

View from 2014 summer landscaping ideas

Fire Pit

A Fire Pit is a great way to bring family and friends together. The first step in designing a proper stacked stone fireplace, is deciding the size and location of your fire pit ring. Cold weather is right around the corner make sure to call and ask about fire place maintenance.

Patio Ideas by D'Agosto Landscaping.

Patio Designs

You can trust D’Agosto Landscaping Inc. to deliver quality spaces. Installing any patio or paver design is a proven way we can secure long-lasting value for your home. D’Agosto Landscaping offers free estimates, so there is no immediate payment necessary to get your patio project off the ground.

Double tier retaining wall 8' sections.

Stone Retaining Walls

Have you ever seen a retaining wall fail? Not only can it be a frightening accident but a retaining wall that was not installed properly can become a cost nightmare. Most structural failures result from increased pressure developed behind the wall, due to a build up of ground water over the years. Too many times I have been called in to repair a retaining wall, only to find the wall was not built properly or that corners were cut by a previous contractor to save job costs. Ensure the proper steps have been taken, and consider local soil type when supporting your sloped property.

outdoor kitchen and living space

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens and living spaces are not only becoming more popular, but they are helping conquer meals in a whole new way. Don’t make the mistake slaving in the kitchen when you can double your outdoor living space and now cook with new features. Surprise your backyard with a stunning new kitchen, even if you have never cooked a day in your life.

brick veneer

Brick Veneer

Brick Veneer, natural stone veneer, or stacked stone veneer is recession-proof, and provides you with an authentic masonry look, in a modern application. Bring natural stone and color to your home and protect it in a breathtaking way. Call us to discuss design ideas. Give your home the face lift it deserves.


Paver Driveway and Stone Columns

Concrete Columns and Pillars are a great way to accent entrance ways or driveways. Add the element of a light fixture can give the accented areas a new brighter look, at a reasonable cost. We can install a low voltage fixture at a fraction of the cost of a line voltage fixture. Get a free quote today.


Aerate Lawn

The Fall season coming up is a critical time of year for your lawn … especially in our area.

Native plants such as ours, like Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass are cool season grasses — meaning they grow best in the spring and the fall.

With fall around the corner,
now is actually the perfect time to prepare for the fall’s high growth season.

Aeration is a way we prepare lawns for the fall. It involves perforating the soil which creates small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass.

Aerating the lawn let’s the roots grow deeper and your grass becomes stronger.
This time of year has been especially nice … it really is the perfect time to aerate.

D’Agosto Landscaping will begin aerating lawns this week and next week,
preparing lawns to let the grass grow.

Aeration Tips

– Make sure you are using a Plug Aerator which actually removes a plug or core of grass and soil from your lawn.

You do not have to clean up the plugs after you aerate. Let the plugs dry and break down, (use a lawn mower or rake) to let the nutrients back into the soil.

– Make sure the soil is moist enough for aeration. Wait for the day after a rain shower, or water your lawn the day before.

– Continue basic lawn care practices after aeration such as fertilizing, mowing and watering.

Aeration is extremely beneficial to your lawn care regime. If you need help preparing your lawn this year, or have any questions — call our office so we can talk about your lawn before the fall.

Spring Checklist Home Maintenance

This post is going to cover a few pre-season necessities,
that we like to take care of before the spring season gets into full swing.

Early Spring Maintenance

Checking early items off your to do list means hitting the ground running,
whenever the snow actually decides to melt (it’s been a long winter)

  • inspect your property
  • Assess the damages
  • Stock up on materials for spring
  • Go over your equipment
  • make lists and check them off



Just because the snow didn’t melt doesn’t mean we can’t get things started!

An early look at your yard can help you prepare for the upcoming season,
so you can prioritize yard projects and equipment.

Thatching A Lawn

Thatch is a loose tangle of material that develops between the green vegetation of your grass, and the soil.

Thatch can be made up of organic materials e.g. dead grass, leaves, roots, stems and other composites that have yet to break down naturally.

When you ‘thatch your lawn,’ you remove the deposits of dead material that prevent roots from receiving oxygen, water, and food. Too much thatch in your lawn can also become a breading ground for diseases and insects.

Below is a video we found that does a pretty decent job showing you a layer of thatch.

All lawns maintained by D’Agosto Landscaping are thatched in the early the spring, so make sure to take advantage of our spring discounts!


D’Agosto Landscaping Inc. has been providing some of the highest quality landscaping services in North Jersey for over 37 years. Here are a few of our landscaping services:

  • Residential and Commercial Grounds Maintenance
  • Driveways – Walkways – Raised Patios
  • Concrete Paving Stone Installations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Custom and Decorative Stone Work
  • Culture Stone and Stone Veneers
  • Built-in Barbecues and Pizza Ovens
  • Drainage Systems
  • Pool Landscaping
  • Landscape Lighting and Nightscaping
  • Snow Removal

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Services

A few landscaping ideas might be what it takes to turn your current space into something new. If you have ideas of your own, D’Agosto Landscaping provides free estimates so you can get feedback on your ideas.

Walking through a space with a prospective client is the best way to give landscaping ideas, direction.

From designing front yards to installing outdoor living areas, If you’re convinced your yard needs a makeover, call the office (973) 316-6836. Let’s talk about a beautiful landscape and deliver on projects that make a difference for your home.